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Apostle Clement Ogoro
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    Jesus functioned in the supernatural. Everywhere He traveled, He not only preachedand taught, but He was moved with compassion toward hurting people and He didsomething about the horrible conditions in which they lived.

     Matthew 8. In 34 verses is story about

 a leper who was cleansed;

 a centurion's servant who was healed with aword;

amother-in-law who was healed of a life-threatening fever;

multitudesof sick and oppressed delivered in one evening;

andtwo severely-possessed men set free after a boat ride on a stormy sea.


AsI was studying each of these cases, I looked at how each approached Jesus fortheir miracles. That is where I'd like to turn my attention this month, thisseason. What is the proper approach to Jesus?


1) The leper came to Jesus worshipping. (v. 2)


 this leper touches me every time I readthe story! He had some questions. He didn't know if Jesus wanted to heal him.He knew that Jesus had the power, but did Jesus want to heal his leprosy?

    Very many of God's people have share the same doubts. Wetruly believe in God's ability, but we wonder about His willingness. We canbelieve others will be healed; ourselves—well, that's a different story.

    I believe that this leper's approach made a big difference.He came with his doubts and concerns; he came with a real belief that Jesus wasable; and, he came worshipping.

    This is such a great way to enter into the supernatural.

Worshipputs our attention in the right place.

 Worship takes our eyes off the problem we faceand onto the Almighty God who has our answer.

    Worship lifts us out of the every day and puts us into theeternal. Worship gives us hope.


 As we draw closer to the end of 2011,stop  dwelling on all the crises in your life thatare left unsolved, take some extra time each day just to worship the Lord. AskGod to reveal more of His person, more of His heart to you each day. Throughyour adoration of the Almighty, All-Powerful, All-Transforming God, allow faithto rise in your heart as never before. You may feel as hopeless as the leperwhen you begin, but you will hear Jesus say “I am willing” again.



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