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Quotes Sir i have seen how you had raised giant's that are raising gaints now!one of your subordinates in cdm esther okurenye,was my aunt i saw how God worked through her, as a little boy i didnt understand much until i started growing up in one of your baby church fdm under the leadership of your subordinates,lucky odanibe and others now this little boy is on campus doing expliot,the story of your ministry is a challenge and an inspiration to me. i wish we could both put up a programme in ajegule a father and great grand child partneship so that young ministers will benefit from your experience!sir my piont is this as far this people are still in faith,the seed you sowed some decades ago is now a forest.am in akure.fedral university of technology,am the campus pastor of daystar christian center on campus!long to meet with you.with my knowledge about you i still believe in your ministry.your reply will be a blesing. Quotes
Iviahwo EdafeMay 28, 2010 at 1:27am
An apostle indeed!

Quotes Amen brother! We had our dishwasher break dow about Christmas time. I found the time washing dishes was taking up a lot of my time on a week that I could be doing other things. One day a few months later, I filled my diswasher with dirty dishes, put in a washing tablet, shut it. I then commanded it to work in Jesus Name. It has been working perfectly ever since. Blessings, Rev. Sue Quotes
Rev. Sue